ou are our best reference,

This is why we would like to satisfy your needs and wishes. Firstly, we
painstakingly select the coaches which we buy. Each one of them is then
thoroughly checked and completely overhauled in our workshops.

This is to ensure that you get the top quality for which we are known  and in
which we of ORTNER + GOLLMANN take great pride. We give all the credit
to our highly trained and motivated staff. You can even look over their
shoulders if you like.

In our large showroom you will find a wide selection of coaches of all the
common sizes fulfilling the most individual demands. They are all  in
excellent condition and proof of the high quality standard of our firm.

We will gladly offer you assistance and advice when you look for a coach
which best suits your needs.

More than 10000 coaches of various makes have so far been overhauled in
our workshops, 4800 of which have been exported. They are doing good
service in more than 25 countries.

Why all the effort, you may ask?

First of all, it is our concern to satisfy our customers. But we equally take
pride in the fact that you are pleased with your purchase and that you
yourself will have content customers.

As we have already said,
You are our best reference


We closed down our company in December 2015, but you can still
contact us under the following number +49.711.750770 or via
E-Mail under info@ortner-gollmann.de


ORTNER+GOLLMANN  Omnibushandel, Germany